Upton Student Handbook - Transportation





Bus transportation is provided as a service to those students living some distance from school. Students are to remember this is a service and may be denied to anyone who misbehaves. If a bus driver finds it is necessary to report a student to administration, that student may be removed from bus transportation for a period of up to ninety (90) school days. If students wish to deviate from their bus assignment, they must bring a note from a parent and obtain a bus pass from the office. We will attempt to honor requests for bus passes which should be brought to the office before homeroom.  Bus passes will not be issued after 12:00 noon.


Bus stops are reviewed annually. Drivers are not authorized to make changes of bus stops without the prior approval of the transportation supervisor. Please do not ask this of them. You are invited to call the transportation office when you have a question about school bus services (926-3900).




Be on time at your designated bus stop. Drivers have a schedule to meet and cannot wait for tardy pupils. If the bus cancels its lights or pulls away, do not chase the bus. This is how accidents happen;

Once a student has exited the bus and the door has closed, state law prohibits that student from re-entering. Once a bus has made any stop and has closed its doors, the stop is complete and state law prohibits the bus from re-opening the doors even if they see a student arriving late;

Cheerfully obey the bus driver’s instructions. Friendly people get along better;

Students may only ride assigned school buses, and must board and depart only at assigned bus stops. Students will not be permitted to ride unassigned buses for any reason other than an emergency, except as approved by the office;

Students are expected to display good behavior while on the bus. Quiet conversation is fine. When approaching a railroad crossing, students are to be silent until the bus is safely across the tracks;

Always remain seated while a bus is moving. It may be necessary to sit three to a seat. The driver may also assign seats at any time to maintain safety and reasonable order;

Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before attempting to enter or leave the bus;

Cell phones and other electronic devices may not be out or turned on while on the bus. If a student has a cell phone or other electronic out on the bus, it may be taken by the driver and turned over to a building administrator. It may be picked up by a parent at the school. The exception to this may be in the event of a field trip or travel for an athletic event as decided and arranged by the teacher or coach with the bus driver;

Eating, drinking, and gum-chewing is not permitted on the bus except for special occasions approved by the driver;

Musical instruments, books, or other personal items must be held by the owner or placed where designated by the driver if room is available. Items may not be left in the aisle;

Stay off roadways at all times while waiting for a bus. Form a single line and board the bus one at a time;

Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before moving forward to enter;

Upon entering the bus, go immediately to a seat and be seated;

Hands and heads are to be kept inside the bus at all times. There will be no unnecessary disturbing noises or vulgar/profane language;

When crossing, students must be ten feet in front of the bus stop and look at the red paddle the driver holds in the window. When the driver shows the green side, students may then cross only in front of the bus. Never should a student cross the road behind the bus; Animals and glass containers are not allowed on the buses;

Students are expected to help keep the buses clean. Dispose of paper and other unwanted items properly; Students are asked to report any damages they see to the driver;

Riders are expected to be considerate of all other passengers and the driver at all times; Misconduct on the bus will not be tolerated. Drivers are in charge at all times and are required to report this behavior to building administrators. Riding privileges may be suspended;

Remember – school bus transportation is a privilege, not a right. Misconduct may result in the loss of this privilege.




As parents, the school expects you to:

Review bus-riding rules with your child;

Be sure your child arrives at their stop on time;

Provide necessary protection for your child while at the stop;

Accept the responsibility of your child’s conduct at the bus stop and on the school bus; Remember, adults set the examples.

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