Upton Student Handbook - Attendance





No student will be allowed to leave school prior to dismissal time without a written request signed by the parent or person whose signature is on file in the school office, or their request in person. No student will be released to a person other than a custodial parent without written permission signed by the custodial parent or guardian.


It is helpful if this is known ahead of time so that a passport may be issued to the student. These will only be issued by the office upon written or phoned request by the custodial parents. Students who need passports are to bring notes to the office before homeroom. The parent or person designated by the parent will have to physically come into the school office and sign out the students. Students are to leave passports in the office when they leave the building.



It is the policy of the St. Joseph Schools to encourage students to arrange out of school activities in such a fashion as to cause a minimum of interference with classroom instruction. Every class period is important. Unavoidable absences for personal illness, death in the family, or emergency will be given every consideration including the privilege of make-up for credit; however, the make-up responsibility rests with the student. Make-up work must be completed within a time period no longer than twice the length of the absence. For absences of three or more consecutive days, you should make arrangements to get assignments by checking the LMS and messaging teachers.


If a student misses a teacher's test due to an absence, s/he must make arrangements with the teacher to take the test. If s/he misses a state-mandated test or other standardized tests, the student must consult with a counselor to arrange for the taking of the test.


ABSENCE FOR THE PURPOSE OF RECREATION OR FAMILY CONVENIENCE IS FROWNED UPON AND DISCOURAGED because of the undue hardship on the student, the class, and the teacher. A building administrator may excuse absences for family vacations if arranged for at least one week in advance by a written note from the parent. These days may count against the ten days per year as advised by the State of Michigan for truancy purposes.  Each of the student’s teachers must sign the note after the administrator has approved it; the student must then return the signed note to the office. All work to be missed must be completed according to the teachers’ policies. Please note that completing missed homework only makes up a small portion of the teaching and learning the student has missed.


Students may not participate in school sponsored after school or evening activities if not in attendance at least three full class periods.


An absence may result in a detention if efforts to contact the parents go unanswered.


The office of the building administrator alone has the authority to determine whether tardies or absences are excused or unexcused, in alignment with state law.


Parents must telephone the office before 9:00 am on the morning of the day the student is absent. Parents have the opportunity of also calling ahead of time and leaving a voicemail. Please indicate the nature of the reason for the absence; and, if this is due to illness, the nature of the illness for reporting purposes.


This is the parent’s responsibility, not the school’s. If there is no phone at home, you are held responsible for bringing a written note to the office when you return to school.


If the absence has been due to a medical appointment, a written excuse form from the practitioner MUST be provided when the student returns to school. Receptionists in these types of offices are used to this as a standard procedure.



To School: Students who are tardy to school should report to the office to sign in and receive a pass to class. After ten minutes, the student is deemed absent.  Being tardy more than three times in a semester will result in a detention for each subsequent occurrence. Cases of repeated tardiness will be addressed and may result in non-social lunch, detention, or suspension. The truant officer may also be notified.


To Class: A tardy is defined as being absent from the beginning of class ten minutes or less. After ten minutes, the student is deemed absent. You are not to report to the office in case of tardiness between classes. It is the student’s responsibility to get a pass from the previous teacher. Any student who has three unexcused tardies in a specific class in a semester marking period will be assigned a detention for each subsequent occurrence.

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