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February 15, 2018


Yesterday was such a sad day and another reminder of our reality – a school shooting can happen anywhere. I wish I could assure you all that nothing like this will ever happen here at St. Joseph, but I can assure you that we learn from every tragedy on how to improve our procedures.


We are very fortunate here to have a solid security system in place at all of our buildings. All buildings are locked approximately five minutes after school begins – and any visitors coming into the buildings come through the vestibule and into the office to gain entry to the classrooms. Our safety and security plans are created with the help of local and county officials and we do practice active threat drills every year. During these drills we have police on site to monitor our process and provide feedback. Please know that we take the safety of your children very seriously and remain vigilant.


We sent out an email yesterday to introduce our new Self-Care Series that our guidance department created. Many of the topics are geared to secondary students but we decided to send it out to all parents as a resource. Today, the timing felt a little awkward in light of what happened in Florida.  When we sent out the message yesterday afternoon, we were not aware of the incident.


Our hearts are simply broken for the families and community in Florida – and for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School community. It is tragic, it is unacceptable, and it just does not make sense on any level…


Our guidance department is a great resource for parents, children and staff as we process this tragedy.  Please feel free to reach out and encourage your children to reach out as well.


Below are links to resources you may find helpful as you discuss this with your children.

American Psychological Association: Talking with Kids About School Shootings for Parents

Responding to Traumatic Events: Learn how to help children cope with trauma

Going Back to School After a Tragedy

Nine Tips for Talking to kids about trauma


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