Transportation - The Bear Necessities of the Bus Ride


"The Bear Necessities" of the Bus Ride

Be Responsible

  • Walk, never run to the bus.
  • Be at the stop 5-10 min. before the bus arrives.
  • Share your seat with others.
  • Keep aisles clear of book bags and feet.
  • Keep all belongings with you, in your book bag.
  • Be ready when bus gets to you stop.

Be Respectful

  • Use inside voices to talk with friends.
  • Keep hands and feet and unkind words to yourself.
  • Enjoy friendships with your eyes and ears.
  • Use responsible bus behavior at your bus stop.
  • Always follow the driver's directions.
  • Use responsible bus behavior when loading and unloading.

Be Safe

  • Keep hands and arms inside the bus windows.
  • Stand in a straight line at the stop, and don't push.
  • Hold rail when using steps. Jumping is not safe.
  • Tell the driver when a problem arises.
  • Eat your meals at home, not on the bus.
  • Wait for the driver's direction before crossing.







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