St. Joseph Public Schools Transportation Office

Contact Transportation at (269) 926-3900


Greetings!  If you filled out the Transportation survey to request ridership for your student, you will be receiving a bus tag to attach to your student's backpack or computer bag. This will give them permission to ride their assigned bus.  If you do not receive your tag or if the tag is nor correct, please contact Transportation at 269-926-3900.  We welcome your feedback at the Transportation Department. Please share with us any questions or concerns. If you like things we are doing, let us know that too!     GO BEARS!!!


Stop for School buses red flashing lights, it's the Law!

Please Note:
  1. These schedules are subject to change due to late enrollments.
  2. Students are asked to be at the stop closest to their home.
  3. Student must be at their bus stop 5 to 10 minutes prior to bus arrival.
  4. Kindergarten and Young Five students must have a parent/guardian visible at stop.
  5. At this time, face masks are required to ride the bus.
  6. Students will load the bus from back to front.


The 2021 Ren Baldwin Student Technology Festival is now online.  Visit the festival website to view the projects and see the winners.  Congratulations to all the participants, and thank you SJPS Foundation for supporting the event.