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*Class of 2021 - SAT MME make-up: October 14, 2020*



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Parents and Students,
As Juniors prepare to take the national SAT on March 13, 2021 or the Michigan mandatory SAT this April, our hope is to provide students with quality, real-time, professional SAT test prep. We trust Dr. Scott Carlin to provide excellent, authentic, in-depth SAT preparation for college-bound Juniors.
Therefore, We are excited to announce that Dr. Carlin's Test Prep is offering two different SAT courses this February and March. Each Live, Webinar Series is a full SAT test rehearsal, working with students through an entire SAT test. Dr. Carlin provides strategy and content for each question and every problem in each of the four sections of the SAT. The "February" and "March" Series will each utilize a completely different set of SAT test questions for continued practice.

I cannot emphasize enough how critical it is to prepare for these exams, especially with some colleges going "test optional."  SAT test scores can, now more than ever, set your student's college application apart from the crowd when it comes to college admission and college academic scholarship $.  
Dr. Carlin has been teaching the SAT for 18 years and has taught his courses in over 40 different high schools in MICHIGAN and INDIANA.
SAT CrashWebinar Series (FEB 2021)
Instructor:  Dr. Scott Carlin, Ph.D.
Dates:  Feb 21, 28, & Mar 7  (three session, 7-hr. course)
Time:  6:40 - 9:00 p.m. (EST)
Location: Live, Online Webinar, Full SAT Test Rehearsal (recorded for absent students) 
Cost:  $199
SAT CrashWebinar Series (MAR 2021)
Instructor:  Dr. Scott Carlin, Ph.D.
Dates:  Mar 14, 21, & 28  (three session, 7-hr. course)
Time:  6:40 - 9:00 p.m. (EST)
Location: Live, Online, Full ACT Test Rehearsal (recorded for absent students)
Cost:  $199
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Parents:  CALL Dr. Carlin directly @ (517) 803-5037 w/ any questions