COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 2020-21 Updates

 The link below shows cummulative cases attributed to any school function or property within Berrien County School Districts. 

BCHD/Berrien RESA COVID-19 Dashboard Information


The dashboard below is updated every 24 hours (weekdays) with confirmed data from the Berrien County Health Department and reflects current COVID-19

information based on cases within the instructional setting. 

St. Joseph Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard
Building # of Current Students/Staff in Quarantine* % of Current Students/Staff in Quarantine* # of Current Confirmed Students/Staff Probable/Positive Cases** % of Current Confirmed Students/Staff Probable/Positive Cases**
Brown Elementary School 6 1.94% 1 .38%
E.P. Clarke Elementary School 1 .24% 0 00%
Lincoln Elementary School 0 00% 0 00%
Upton Middle School 1 .17% 1 .19%
SJ High School 10 1.04% 2 .23%
* Number/percentage includes current face to face students/staff in 
** Number/percentage of current confirmed positive cases with face to face students/staff.

 Update 1/15/2021


Berrien County COVID-19 Data 12/27/20 - 1/3/21:

A.     The trend of Covid-19 (COVID) cases or positive tests, hospitalizations due to COVID.

      1. Last week 260 new COVID-19 cases were detected. This reporting week 335 New COVID-19 case were detected.
      2. Over the last week, Berrien County has seen an average of 48 new cases per day.

B.     COVID cases for each day for every 1 million people.

      1. This past week Berrien’s average new case rate is calculated to be 28.57 cases per 100,000 residents or 285.7 Cases per 1 million residents.

C.     The percentage of positive COVID tests over a four-week period.

      1. 7 day % positivity = 9.0%
      2. 14 day % positivity = 9.3%
      3. 28 day % positivity = 12.9%

D.     Schools

      1. Public health is working tirelessly to keep schools in person and safe
      2. Fall and winter semester there were approximately 551 positive COVID-19 cases related to schools (roughly 30% and 70% students)
      3. Currently there are 22 cases in isolation and 52 Berrien County students and staff in quarantine.




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