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COVID-19 2020-21 Updates

 The link below shows cases attributed to any school function or property within Berrien County School Districts. 

BCHD/Berrien RESA COVID-19 Dashboard Information


The chart below reflects COVID-19 information based on cases within the instructional setting. 

St. Joseph Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard
Building # of Students/Staff in Quarantine* % of Students/Staff in Quarantine* # of Confirmed Students/Staff Probable/Positive Cases** % of Confirmed Students/Staff Probable/Positive Cases**
Brown Elementary School 2 0.65% 0 0%
E.P. Clarke Elementary School 2 0.49% 0 0%
Lincoln Elementary School 1 0.27% 0 0%
Upton Middle School 18 3.08% 1 0.19%
SJ High School 23 2.39% 2 0.23%
* Number/percentage includes current face to face students/staff in 
** Number/percentage of confirmed positive cases with current face to face students/staff.

 Update 10/27/2020


Berrien County COVID-19 Data



      1. The trend of Covid-19 (COVID) cases or positive tests, hospitalizations due to COVID; and the number of deaths resulting from COVID in the past 14-day period.
        1. Last week 209 new COVID-19 cases were detected. This week 239 New COVID-19 case were detected, no mass testing events.
        2. Over the last week, Berrien County has seen an average of 34.1 new cases per day or 221.7 Cases per 1 million residents.
        3. As of 10/22, there are 22 people in the hospital who have tested positive for COVID-19 and our hospital system is not overwhelmed. 5 are being treated in the ICU.

    B.     COVID cases for each day for every 1 million people.

        1. This past week our average new case rate is calculated to be 22.2 cases per 100,000 residents or 221.7 Cases per 1 million residents.

    C.     The percentage of positive COVID tests over a four-week period.

        1. 7 day % positivity = 6.8%
        2. 14 day % positivity = 6.1%
        3. 28 day % positivity = 4.5%
        4. Many factors can influence percent positivity, including the increased use of rapid antigen testing. Negative rapid test results often do not get reported to the health department. As the amount of rapid testing increases, this will influence the percent positivity. However, the increases in percent positivity in the past few weeks reflects a real increase cases.

    D.     Health care capacity strength.

        1. Steady – Test turnaround times are quick, resources are available for testing, PPE is in supply, Hospital capacity is available.

    E.      Testing, tracing and containment infrastructure with regard to COVID.

        1. Public health continues case investigation for all residents who are confirmed positive or identified as a probable case. Contact tracing continues for all person with exposure to a person known to have COVID-19.
        2. Public health continues to work with cases, contacts, and other stakeholders, particularly in high risk settings to lower the risk of ongoing transmission.
        3. The number of tests available in Berrien County continues to increase.  
      1. Schools
        1. Maintaining conditions for in-person education in schools continues to be a high priority for the Health Department.
        2. As of 10/22, there have been 59 positive COVID-19 cases associated with students or staff. Of the roughly 25,000 students and teachers in Berrien schools, 606 have been recommended for isolation or quarantine; 101 staff and 568 students.
        3. Currently there are 13 cases in isolation 224 people in quarantine.

Update 10/26/2020

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